Memorial Day Weekend: 2010 Edition

As Denny likes to do on not-so-major holidays, he left Emily and I behind as he went four-wheeler riding with his friends. But did Emily and I stay home? Heck no! We loaded up the car, grabbed my mom and my sister, and went down to St. Simons Island to enjoy some fun in the sun! This was Emily's third trip to the beach and she loved it for the hour that we were there. We couldn't stay long because it was just so hot and the sun was so bright and Emily was in dire need of a nap.

The Parks & Recreation department has an awesome pool and playground on the island. We hung out at the pool for several hours and had a BLAST! Emily loves being in the water and she is totally fearless. She wanted so badly to swim on her own while we were in the "big" pool but my poor baby just didn't know how.

P.S. Please don;t be intimidated by my pasty white skin and overall pudginess. I don't understand why Sports Illustrated hasn't asked me to be on the cover of their swimsuit edition yet with what I've got going on.

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