Month 7


Time sure does fly when you are having fun. Or when you are just being an easy baby. And seriously, turning 6 months old was the best thing that has ever happened to you (and me) because ever since that day one month ago, you have been wonderful! You are a better sleeper, a better eater, you are happy almost all of the time and you are so incredibly fun!

You've started sleeping in your crib for naps and at night, and now you are sleeping like a champ.  Really, you love this new freedom and you love being able to stretch out in your own space. I hated you not being right there beside me at first, but I am finally over it and I'm sleeping much better too now, thank you very much. You are growing up way too fast and becoming so independent these days. And you are so unbelievably smart that it blows my mind sometimes.

On September 9th, you got up on your hands and knees for the first time, and then you were scooting and belly-crawling all over the place. Then on the 26th you started crawling and you have been on the go ever since. We have had to rearrange some things and put stuff away because you are into everything!


Also on the same day you started crawling, you waved bye-bye for the first time all by yourself. Such a smart girl! And if those weren't enough accomplishments for one month, you learned how to give kisses a few weeks ago, plus you learned how to dance. It is so funny watching you start grooving anytime you hear music playing. 

And you're pulling up! You started off pulling up on me and daddy when we were on the floor playing with you, but now you pull up in your crib, on the couch and on the coffee table. You've even tried standing up in the tub but that didn't work out very well. Before I know it, you will be walking - but please don't rush it!

This past month our dog Pookie had puppies, and you love playing with them! You don't really understand just how fragile they are and you can be a bit rough with them, but I know you love them. You also have been spending more and more time outside lately since the weather is so nice, and you just have a blast playing in the grass and the pine straw. And of course, you still love rides on the golf cart. We ride every morning to get the mail and then again when daddy gets home in the evenings. 


You are still eating solid food 3 times a day, and you still do NOT like peas. You do however like plums and yogurt, which you tried for the first time this month. You are extremely attached to your sippy cup and you will chug all of your water or juice at one time if I let you. You still have your boo-boos every 3 hours, but these days you seem to want to play around more than you want to eat - unless you are tired. Then you just fall asleep all cozy and warm in my arms. Those times are my favorite parts of each day. 

Although we didn't get out much this month, we have a lot of things planned in the next few weeks. I can't wait to see what October will bring for us and what your accomplishments and discoveries will be. I love you my silly, sweet baby girl!



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