Emily's 2nd Easter

*Warning: This post is extremely picture heavy. That's why it took me so long to post this because OMG I had hundreds of pictures from only two days. 

Well, Emily's second Easter was way more fun than her first. Last year? She didn't even get an Easter basket. Or hunt any eggs. But this year? Oh my. This year made up for all that last year didn't bring. 

On the Saturday before Easter, there was an Easter Egg Hunt for all of the littles at our church.

And then before we knew it, Easter morning had arrived! It was time to see what the Bunny brought.....

And out of all of that stuff, can you guess what she plays with the most? The 12 plastic eggs that I paid ONE WHOLE DOLLAR  for. Of course.

After we got a sugar rush from all of the Reese's Pieces that her daddy gave her, it was time to go to church! We got all dressed up in our Easter clothes. Emily's were the only ones that were new, and that's ok. I think we all looked just adorable!

After church, we went to Denny's parents' house for the rest of the day. Emily and all of her cousins got Easter buckets filled with goodies.

Then we all went outside to dye eggs. Well, all of us except for Emily. She had better things to do.

Then, Emily's Nannie & Pa stopped by, as well as her Nana and Aunt Makayla. And Nannie & Pa had more Easter presents!

Time to hunt!

Emily had a very, very Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...
April 12, 2010 at 11:32 AM

She is getting so big! These pictures are beautiful- I love the family pics of yall- she looks like she had a lot of fun at the egg hunt.
Love you all
Donna & Dylan

Anonymous said...
April 17, 2010 at 9:45 PM


Hey Mrs. Hulsey! :D

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