Christmas Wrap-Up

We celebrated Christmas 7 times this year, no wait, that was actually last year, and I am just that far behind. I took a boatload of pictures and I have been scared of transferring them to my computer and editing them because I knew that it would take DAYS for me to go through all of them. Nobody can accuse me of not fully documenting every. single. second of Emily's first Christmas. What made my picture taking even more excessive than it already was was that Denny surprised me on Christmas morning with a Nikon D5000. Do I have the best husband ever, or what? I have barely put that thing down since I got it and I have taken hundreds of pictures in the last week and a half.

And just to brag on Denny a little bit more, he also got me an ornament with Emily's picture on it AND all of the proofs from her Christmas photos. I wanted those so badly and I never even told him! How amazing is he?

Anyway, there are a lot of things that I could say about our Christmases but I will just leave you with a whole lotta pictures and not a whole lot of words. I really don't have time to tell you about every little detail and I seriously doubt that you have time to read all about it. I will say that it was the best Christmas of my life (so far) and having a child at Christmastime is so much fun. I loved seeing Emily ripping the paper off of her presents and playing with all of her many, many (way too many) new toys.

Christmas with Ma, Uncle Lamar and the boys (my stepmother's family)





Christmas with the Fordhams (my Mother-in-Law's family)





Just the three of us










Christmas with my Mom, Scott, Michael and Makayla (also the point where I began using my new camera and the difference is unbelievable)












Christmas with my Dad and Debbie (sadly I don't have very many pictures of this one because I was too busy eating and couldn't stop stuffing my face for 10 minutes. Grrrr.)



Christmas with the Hulseys (Denny's family)









Christmas at my Grandma's (my Mom's mom)








All in all, Christmas was wonderful. We got to see family that we do not often get to see, and we were given more gifts than we needed. Emily had a fabulous first Christmas and even if she was half-naked or only had on one sock in most of the pictures, they are priceless and I wouldn't trade them or those special memories for the world!


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