Show Us Your Life: Baby Names

*Today is the first day since I started substitute teaching that I don't have any work to do during my planning period. Grades are due today and I am early for something for the first time in my life and mine are all done! Finally I have time to do something that I want to do!

Emily Willow - So far, Emily is our only child. I was just a few weeks away from my due date and Denny and I just had no idea what we wanted to name our baby. We both had names that we liked but we just couldn't agree on any of them. We knew that we wanted something traditional, nothing that would be hard to spell, hard to pronounce, or easy to be made fun of once she got older.So one day we went shopping with Denny's mom and sister and we were talking about names and his sister suggested Emily. We both loved that name but it still took us a few more days to make a decision.

I knew before I ever got pregnant that when I had a girl I wanted to honor my grandmama by using her name, Willodean, in some way. So we went with Willow for her middle name. I would have used Willow as her first name since it is so pretty and feminine but I am all about children having their own names that are all theirs and don't have to be shared with anyone else (I especially don't like it when boys are juniors and named after their fathers - so unoriginal!).

Emily's name has a beautiful meaning too. Emily means hardworking and Willow just means willow, so I think the two names balance each other out.

Future Children: I hope to have several more children, and I really hope to have another one really soon (I have baby fever, and I have it bad). We want to give all of our children strong, traditional names. For a boy, I really like the names Levi, Elliot (my mom's little brother's middle name was Eliot and he passed away a few years ago so this would be to honor him since I was closer to him that I am to any of my other aunts and uncles), Elijah, (and I like Eli which could be used for both Elliot and Elijah), Silas, Oliver, and Kellan (which really doesn't fit in with the rest, but I still like it).

For girl names, I don't have a clue! I really like Charlotte but I don't know if I like it enough to use it. Maybe for a middle name? I love the name Cora and hopefully Denny will too. Cora Charlotte, that sounds good to me!


Anonymous said...
May 7, 2010 at 6:33 PM

I think Eliot is a great name and your Uncle Billy would be honored! I always liked it- it's unique and traditional. I like all your ideas! I knew a little boy named Levi that lived at the Arbors years ago and he was so sweet. I've never heard it used since. Here is an interesting bit in of info: years ago when your Uncle Billy and I got married I told him if I ever had a baby boy I wanted to name him Perry Eliot. He asked me where did I come up with Perry. I told him I saw it in a baby name book and I just liked it. Well he thought that was funny because he and your Mom's grandaddy or either great grandaddy's name was Perry! We thought that was so interesting and funny. Thought you might like that story.
Aunt Donna & Dylan

ps- a lot of people ask me how I came to name Dylan his name. I say it's not after Bob Dylan (he he he) I just liked the sound of the name, the meaning "son of the the sea" and "white wave". There was also a poet named Dylan Thomas. Names are like that they just hit you and you know it's the right one!

LeAnna said...
May 7, 2010 at 8:38 PM

Love the history behind her name! Our son has a family name, one that was his great-Grandmothers, actually. However, it was so masculine we just fell in love with it for a boy. I'm at a total loss on what to name this next baby! I love Levi and Elijah, but Hubby isn't so convinced. As for girls, I'm clueless! Guess we'll wait to find out what it is before we think too hard.

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