Emily's Second Summer

We have been busy at times, and not-so-busy at times, but at all times, I have been taking pictures so that I can remember what we have been doing. I have not updated this blog in over two months and I am so sad about that. I don't write anything in Emily's baby book - this is the only record that I keep of her life - and I haven't been keeping up with it at all. Hopefully I will do better.......

May 2010
Her hair was so short compared to how long it is now!

 Her daddy put her water balls in her bathingsuit. And she didn't like it.

 Mother's Day

 She is just so beautiful

She loves to play with my phone

June 2010

 For my birthday on the 1st, Denny got me the 50mm lens that I had been wanting for my camera. It is AMAZING. And this is my favorite picture that I have taken with it so far.

We made several trips to the park. Slides are so much fun!

Being silly at Grandmama's house.

She would spank me if she knew I put this on here.

She learned how to spin in a circle and make herself dizzy.

And I promise that she doesn't wear the same clothes every day.

She also learned how to "drive" the golf cart so now we have to be careful to always take out the key.

This is dark and out-of-focus but I had to show you what happens when her daddy gives her a bath.

My favorite dress

Such a funny expression!

She helps her daddy pick up sticks and pine cones in the yard.

We always call her "bucket-head" when she does this.

At the river.

Emily's Granny & Pop went on a big boat adventure and we dropped them off at the river.

As always, she loved the water.

You can't tell by the look on her face but she loves to swing!

She climbed the stairs and  went down the slide all by herself!

Playing dress-up with mommy's clothes

Having a cool drink 

She definitely has her daddy's sense of humor

July 2010

The pool and the water hose have had a lot of use on these hot summer days

This is the biggest slide she's gone down on her own

Taking it slow

Those curls kill me. I hope they never go away.

I found her sleeping this way one morning. I hope she wasn't uncomfortable!

Falling asleep on the job

Taking a break from the crowd at our family reunion 
(more pictures from that day here)


Giggles said...
August 8, 2010 at 10:21 PM

I see you love your camera as much as I love mine! I just got the 50mm lens last week as an early birthday present too! Emily is SOOOO precious. She is growing up way too fast. Glad you updated...I figured you must be having a busy summer.

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