Fourth of July: 2010 Edition

Just like last year, Emily and I spent the 4th of July holiday at Saint Simons Island, but this year, we had daddy with us! I don;t know about Emily, but I sure was glad to spend some quality time with the man in my life! I knew that Emily was going to be glad to get back to the beach but I never expected we would have as much fun as we had. 

Emily looks ready for Christmas in her red and white bikini with her green diaper, doesn't she? We couldn't help it though - we had to put her diaper on for her bikini bottoms to stay up. She was too skinny for her suit!

I tried to get a picture of Emily with her name in the sand but she just would not stay still! Denny would put her beside it and she would run off before I could even press the button!

 Enjoying some pizza before the fireworks begin

The fireworks were amazing and lasted for a long, long time. Emily was interested for about 30 seconds and then she was over it. She and her cousins played while us grown-ups watched the show.



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