Emily's 6 Month Check-Up

Last Thursday (yes, almost a whole week ago) I had to take Emily to see Dr. Z. All by myself. And I have never, until that day, taken her to see Dr. Z by myself when she was getting shots. But I told Denny that I could handle it, that I could be brave, and there was no reason for him to have to leave work early just because I am a ninny.

And guess what? I survived! Emily did too, she only cried for a few seconds and then she was as fine as ever. I am so incredibly lucky to have an easy baby. I've heard people say that once a baby hits that 6 month mark, a change happens. The baby is happier, easier to deal with, and just a joy to be around. And it's true! A few days after her half birthday I started noticing a change in her. She is rarely fussy anymore, she is sleeping better, and she is a barrel of laughs!

Anyway, she now weighs 14 lbs. 2 oz which means she gained 2 lbs. 1 1/2 oz. since we were there the last time. She's still not as heavy as I thought, but at least she was back on the charts this time. She measured 26 1/4 inches long, and it seems like her head was 16 and some fraction of an inch in circumference, I don't remember exactly. Sorry but I don't get very excited about head circumferences.

Our little genius is meeting exceeding all of her developmental milestones (I can't help but brag on her) and Dr. Z said that we should definitely start keeping the bathroom door shut, because this little love is getting ready to crawl. See?

Unless she gets sick, we don't have to see the doctor again for 3 months! But we do have to go back tomorrow for a routine vision screening and next month for a flu shot. Boo!


Anonymous said...
September 16, 2009 at 4:42 PM

I will go ahead and tell you, Emily will hate the vision screening(if she's anything like Haley)! They put all those suction cup things with cords attached to them all over her head and they cover one eye with a patch. It has never been any fun for me. As a matter of fact, they have still yet to get results on Haley because she will not have it!!! They didn't try as early with her as they are with Emily though. Maybe that will make a difference! By the way..I love the new blog!!!

Cheryl said...
September 17, 2009 at 10:32 AM

I found your blog through your mom.
Your little girl is precious!
I have a 5 month old but he's a brut compared to your petite sweetie!
He weighs about 17lbs!

Have a great day!

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