Our Labor Day Weekend Vacation

Our Labor Day Weekend tradition is to go camping on Jekyll Island with Denny's family.We always have a blast, and most of our time is spent riding our golf carts around the island. During the day we rode to the beach and to the pier, and once the sun set we would ride around looking at all of the deer, many of them in the street or eating the grass from the yards of the houses there. 

But this year was a little bit different for us. We saw parts of Jekyll that we had never seen before. This year, we were outlaws. We took our golf carts down bike paths, fire control roads, and to spots on the beach that I'm pretty sure many people have never seen. 
For me, the weekend was spent sneezing and trying my hardest to avoid going inside our camper, since there is something (who knows?) in there that I am allergic to. Emily had a reaction to something too, but it cleared up within a few hours.

This isn't really a good look for her. 

Anyhow, Emily got to experience the beach for the second time in her short life, and she thought it was the best thing since sliced bread breast milk (she hasn't tasted sliced bread yet). 

She liked sitting at the waters' edge and playing in the sand. 

She even tried tasting the sand, but she didn't like it. At all. 

Then Denny thought it would be fun to bury her in the sand, and she was ok with it, as long as she could still see her feet. 

And of course, we had to let her experience skinny dipping while she is young enough to get away with it.

 Another big chunk of time was spent at the playground. Our niece Haley LOVED it and hopefully Emily will too next year. 

Also at the playground, we found the first thing that she is afraid of: the swings. She stayed in there for about 10 seconds before she started crying, just long enough for me to get one (not very good) picture. 

We took a time out to pose for pictures and become dinosaurs. 

And since I am the aspiring photographer that I am, here are a few of my favorite shots from the trip.

We had a fabulous trip and wish we could have stayed longer. Those 4 1/2 days felt like only a few hours. But I won't worry; I know that we will be seeing Jekyll again next year!


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