I'm finding that the longer I am at home with Emily, the less that I get done. In the beginning, I told myself that I wasn't going to let a baby slow me down, and that I would keep on going just like I did before she was born. Ha! That might have been easy to do when all she did was sleep all day, but now? Forget it! 

Now she can scoot all over the house, getting into more things than I ever imagined, giving me that much more to clean up. Now she eats solids in addition to nursing every 3 hours, which means that there are 3 more feeding times than there was 6 months ago, and also more cooking and more dishes to wash.  Now she has separation anxiety, and Oh. My. Lord if I even think about leaving the room she starts throwing a fit. I've started planning my moves so that I can get more accomplished at one time, and I even made a list of things to do this morning. And it actually helped. I've gotten more accomplished in the last hour than I did all day yesterday. 

I can find time to do everything that has to be done, but lately I am finding it hard to find time to do things I want to do. I want to blog more than I do, and I want to practice my sewing and actually finish the dress I started Saturday which still does not have buttons. Emily will not nap anywhere other than in my arms. I tried putting her down at least 5 times yesterday during her 2 naps, and each time she woke up before her head hit the bed. I just can't win. Either I sit and hold her while she gets the sleep that she desperately needs, or I let her stay awake and then we are both miserable. I know she will grow out of it soon, but sometimes it is more than I can handle.

I could blog after bedtime, but Emily stays up until at least 10:00, which is my fault, and by then I am ready for bed too. I need to transition her to an earlier bedtime, but then she would wake up earlier and ugh! I think I'd rather sleep late. Have I mentioned how much I like sleep?

How do other mothers do it? Do other mothers do it, or do they just make us all think that they do? Am I the only one that feels this way?


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